National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) Course in Pakistan

NFTP - free freelancing course in pakistan

The national freelance training program abbreviated as NFTP, is a government step toward digitalization. The project has enabled youth to learn different skills and provide services in online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc. The project has very positive outcomes since many freelancers are now making hundreds of dollars online.

Read this article through a bird’s eye view since I have dived deep into the topic of being NFTP certified freelancer.

What is NFTP?

National Freelance Training Program shortly NFTP is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan to empower the youth with freelance digital skills. National Freelance Training Program is currently running in all provinces in Pakistan under Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). NFTP provides training on various freelance skills to college and university students in different universities in Pakistan.

Courses Offered by NFTP

Currently, NFTP offers three courses where freelancing is compulsory in each. The courses are designed in a way that even beginners can learn a lot and with ease.

The courses offered by NFTP are,

  1. Content Marketing and Advertising
  2. Technical
  3. Graphic Designing.

Content Marketing and Advertising:

The course on Content Marketing and Advertising in the National Training Program equips students with the knowledge and skills to effectively create and distribute compelling content that resonates with target audiences, while also understanding the principles and strategies of advertising.

Participants learn how to craft engaging narratives, employ persuasive techniques, conduct market research, and utilize various digital platforms to amplify their messages and drive meaningful customer engagement.

In this course, students get knowledge in developing content strategies, optimizing advertising campaigns, measuring performance, and adapting to evolving market trends.


The Technical course offered in the National Training Program focuses on equipping students with a solid foundation in technical skills necessary for today's rapidly advancing industries.

This comprehensive program covers a wide range of technical disciplines, including programming languages, software development methodologies, data analysis, network administration, cyber security, and system architecture.

Through practical exercises, hands-on projects, and collaborative problem-solving activities, participants gain proficiency in key technical concepts and tools, enabling them to contribute effectively to various domains such as software engineering, information technology, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

Graphic Designing:

The freelance graphic designing course within the National Training Program is designed to nurture students' creativity and equip them with the essential skills to visually communicate ideas and messages effectively.

Participants learn the fundamental principles of design, color theory, typography, and layout, as well as gain proficiency in industry-standard software tools like Adobe Creative Suite.

Through a combination of theory and hands-on projects, students develop their abilities in creating visually appealing graphics, logos, illustrations, and user interfaces that align with branding strategies and user-centered design principles.

The course also emphasizes the importance of conceptual thinking, visual storytelling, and collaboration, preparing students for a range of exciting career opportunities in advertising, marketing, digital media, and creative industries.

Need for a National Freelance Training Program

While freelancing presents promising prospects, lack of proper training and guidance can hinder success. Many aspiring freelancers face challenges related to skills development, understanding market demands, and marketing themselves effectively. To address these issues, a comprehensive training program is essential to equip freelancers with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Importance of Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing offers numerous benefits, both for individuals and the country as a whole. It provides employment opportunities, especially for the youth and marginalized communities, while contributing to the national economy. With the rising demand for digital services worldwide, Pakistani freelancers can tap into global markets and earn foreign exchange, reducing the trade deficit.

Target Audience and Eligibility Criteria

The program targets aspiring freelancers with basic computer literacy and a passion for acquiring digital skills. It prioritizes individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, empowering them to become self-depended.

Program Structure and Curriculum

The training program is designed as a mixed learning model, combining skills learning and practical assignments. The curriculum is developed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring its relevance to current market trends and demands. It covers both technical skills and freelancing best practices, including effective communication, project management, and client interaction.

How to Apply for NFTP?

Once the admissions are announced it’s very easy to apply for NFTP. To apply, you need to visit the NFTP website and apply online.

After a successful online apply the applicants are called for an interview where they are asked about the course they want to join.

Once the interviews are done scrutiny is carried out, and a list of the eligible candidates is displayed in the respective center.

A nominal registration fee will be charged for this training. For fee details, kindly visit NFTP website and select your partner institute.

In the end, the concerned team in the university calls the students to join the physical training classes.

Course Duration of NFTP

Usually, the courses in National Freelance Training Program are completed within 12 weeks. Often the trainer divides the course into various segments, each for a specific skill.

NFTP Course Completion Certificate

Once the course is completed, a course completion certificate is awarded to each participating student.

Benefits of the Program

Participating in the National Freelance Training Program offers several advantages:

  1. Acquiring in-demand digital skills that align with global market demands.
  2. Gaining exposure to international best practices and standards.
  3. Accessing mentorship and guidance from industry professionals.
  4. Building a solid professional network within the freelancing community.
  5. Securing freelance job opportunities through dedicated job placement assistance.

Final Words

The national freelance training program is a good initiative launched by the government of Pakistan. It helps the students learn some extra skills along with their studies. Learning digital skills helps students work with various clients not on the national but international level as well. Freelance training programs like NFTP help youth to work from home and become their own boss.

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